lundi 30 novembre 2015

Capitale Picks S 48

Rapide Passage en AfterWork Sur St ChelMi !!! j'avais quelques Tickets a Claquer !

Big Books : 1983-1984 Hip Hop family Tree By Ed Piskor (15", fantagraphics books, usa); Graphic Thrills Volume Two American XXX Movie Posters 1970 to 1985 by Robin Bougie (15", fab press, uk).

French Comics HC : Escape From New-York 1; Photonik : Le Dernier des Sagamores.

Music LP : Med Blu Madlib"15"Bad Neighbor"(og, fat beats, usa).

Music 12" : Scholly D"85"P.S.K.What Does it Mean"(15", rep, black friday record store, get on down, usa) + Bonus Pic : With the Inner Stickers ! + Extra Bonus Pic : The Back Cover with my 85"OG Cover !!!!

OST LP : 73"Coffy OST"(15", rep, respect the soundtracks, polydor, usa).

Blu-Ray Movies : 78"Driver"(15", studiocanal, france).

DVD Movies : 78"Le Continent des Hommes Poissons"(??", neo publishing, france); 75"La Chevauchée Terrible"(10", sidonis, france); 14"Road of the Dead aka Wyrmwood"(15", kmbo, france).

Bah, j'ai pas déboulé pour Dalle que !

+ Supa Bonus Pic : Graphic Thrills Duo in Effect !!!

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