lundi 27 septembre 2010

summer 2010 kicks mise a jour : part 32

The Nike Air Trainer III, clairement une des plus belles kicks toutes brand confondues...Allez une OG et je serais pas trop mal...

So : 01"Air Trainer III White Blue Red, 01"Air Trainer III White Black Blue, 01"Air Trainer III White Grey, 01"Air Trainer III Black Grey, 02"Air Trainer III White Grey Blue, 02"Air Trainer III White Grey Red, 02"Air Trainer III Viotech, 03"Air Trainer III White Navy, 03"Air Trainer III Medecine Ball, 03"Air Trainer III Celtics, 03"Air Trainer III Knicks, 03"Air Trainer III Bulls, 04"Air Trainer III Red Black, 04"Air Trainer III Grey, 04"Air Trainer III White Blue Patent, 04"Air Trainer III Black Blue, 04"Air Trainer III Mardi Gras, 05"Air Trainer III Picnic, 05"Air Trainer III Sertig, 05"Air Trainer III White Gum, 09"Air Trainer III Medecine Ball.

dimanche 26 septembre 2010

bay picks S 38

La traversée du désert commence.......enfin, 2, 3 trucs sympas tout de meme.

Music 7" : Trojan Explosion 76"TMX4010; Minor Threat 88"Live At Buff Hall.

Music LP" : Minor Threat 92"Live At Wilson Center; The Undertones 81"Positive Touch.

Straight Edge ...........putain de Nuff Said....

Hip Hop Archive Vinyl Part 5

The Big Daddy Kane : Brooklyn encore, membre du world famous Juice Crew, ain't no half steppin quoi !!!

LP : 88"Long Live The Kane (og,usa); 89"It's A Big Daddy Thing (og,all); 90"Taste Of Chocolate (og,usa); 91"Prince Of Darkness (og,all); 93"Looks Like A Job For...(og,usa).

12" : 88"I'll Take You There (og,usa); 88"Ain't No Half Steppin (rep,usa); 88"Ain't No Half Steppin (promo,??); 90"I'ts Hard Being The Kane (og,usa); 90"Smooth Operator ( og,usa); 90"Cause I Can Do It Right (og,usa); 91"Groove With It (og,usa); 90"Raw91 (og,usa); 90"It's Hard Being The Kane Rmx (og,usa); 91"The Lover In You (og,usa); 93"How You Get A Record Deal (og,usa); 93"Very Special (og,usa); 02"The Man : The Icon(og,usa).

7" : 89"Smooth Operator (og,usa); 89"Ain't No Stoppin Us Now (og,uk).

Wish List : Daddy's Home (94"LP).

samedi 25 septembre 2010

Hip Hop Archive Vinyl Part 4

The King Tee : Compton rules, west coast legend, parrain des Liks et fondateur du Likwit Crew.

LP : 88"Act A Fool (og,usa); 90"At Your Own Risk (og,usa).

12" : 90"Ruff Rhyme (og,usa); 90"At Your Own Risk (og,usa); 90"Diss You (og,eec); 94"Dippin (og,usa); 95"Freestyle Ghetto (og,usa); 02"Back Up (og,usa).

Wish List : Tha Triflin'Album (93"LP); IV Life (95"LP).