dimanche 30 mai 2010

bay picks S 21

Le calme reprend ses droits apres l'orgie de la semaine dernière :

Music 7" : Sham 69 78"Angels With Dirty Faces'; The Exploited 81"Dogs of War'; Sex Pistols 80"Black leather'; Dead kennedys 81"Nazi Punks Fuck Off'; The Cure 81"Charlotte Sometimes'; The Police 78"So lonely'; The stranglers 77"No More Heroes' & 78"Walk on By'; De La Soul 91"Ring Ring Ring Italian Flexidisc'.

French Comics : Superman, Batman & Robin 35 (plus que 8 n°).

Kicks : 03" Nike Air Trainer SC Low (528).

delay récupéré.......

Monday picks S 20 2010

Fin de mois en approche...

Figurines Marvel : Le Chevalier Noir 112.
French comics : DC Trinity 6; DC Universe 56.

bay picks S 20

Sorry for the delay....semaine de pure contentation at my home:

Music 7" : The Smiths 84"Hand in Glove', 87"Girlfriend in a Coma', 86"Bigmouth Strikes Again', 85"How Soon is Now' & 85"What she Said Live NME'; The Lurkers 79"New Guitar in Town'; The Revillos 80"Scuba Scuba'; The Adverts 78"Television's Over'; Stiff Little Fingers 81"Just Fade Away' & 81"Silver Lining'; The Skids 79"Working For The Yankee Dollar'; Sex Pistols 79"Who Killed Bambi'; The Jam 81"Funeral Pyre'; XTC 80"Generals and Majors; Gang Of Four 79"At Home He's a Tourist'; Angelic Upstarts 79"I'm an Upstart'; King Kurt 84"Banana Banana'; Sham 69 80"Tell The Children'; Beastie Boys 86" Brass Monkey Japan Pressing'.
Books : Supreme Rizzoli; The Breaks (Stylin & Profilin 1982-1990); Record Collector Price Guide 2004; Made For Skate.
French Comics : Superman 1943-1944; Superman Geant 11 (completed).
Kicks : 92" Nike Air Huarache Trainer '(524); 05" Nike Air Force Mid (525); 10" Nike Air Trainer SC 2010 (526); 03" New Balance M996 (527).

Quand ça béton, ça béton...

Monday picks S 19 2010

monday picks are back:
Petite ballade parisienne plutot inéfficace: life is life...
French comics : DC big Book Final Crisis; The Boys 6; Marvel Saga 6; Ultimate Avengers 1.
Modern Comics : DC's Brightest Day 1.

dimanche 16 mai 2010

bay picks S 19

No more kicks in this world....( next week i hope so...) , le rythme s'ammenuise...enfoiré de $$$$....
Music 7" : Judge Dread 79"Lover's Rock'; Stiff Little Fingers 79"Gotta Gettaway'.
French Comics : 75"Batman Bimestriel 1.(completed)
Silver Age Comics : Flash 130,146; Tales to Astonish 77; Avengers 17,29; Fantastic Four 24.
Toys : DC Black Hand (Green Lantern series)

Monday picks S 18 2010

enfin, here they come...

Mags : Mad Movies 230.
Toys : Marvel Iron Man 2 Iron Monger.
French comics : Marvel heroes 31; Dark Reign 8; Marvel Icons 61; Spiderman 124; Dark Reign HS 1; X-Men 160.
Next week, Capitale monday....

dimanche 9 mai 2010

Barcelona Mini Trip Picks

Sympathique petit mid-week avec ma moitié dans un pur hotel de Barça ( jazz hotel)...pas pu ramener de Lp (low cost rules) alors que la ville regorge de disquaires bien fournis...

Wear : Marvel Silver Surfer Tee.
Music 7 : Agnostic Front 09"United Blood'.
Toys : DC's Blackest night Black Hand; Marvel Classic Toy Iron Man.
Modern Comics: Toyfare 152; Noche Mas Oscura 1 (burriquito como tu..)
Kicks : 10" Nike Air Jordan I KO (523, vraiment belles....).

Et le Camp Nou........... sous la flotte...

bay picks S 18

Déchéance , quand tu nous tiens... de retour de mon mini trip barcelonais et quasi rien dans ma mailbox...aaaargh!

Music 7 : The Exploited 80"Army life' & 'Exploited Barmy Army', 81"Dead Cities'; XTC 79"Making Plans For Nigel' (tuerie)...

Monday picks S 17 2010

yo, toujours pas de comics dans ma contrée...il est long ce debut de Mayo.

Figurines DC : Black Canary 54; Green Lantern John Stewart 55; Mister Miracle 56.

dimanche 2 mai 2010

bay picks S 17

Back to serious business :

Music 7 : Anti Pasti 81"Let Them Free'; Vice Squad 82"Out of reach' & 84"Teenage Rampage'; Dead Kennedys 80"Kill the Poor'; Black Flag 81"Six Pack'; The Lurkers 78"I Don't Need To Tell Her'; Sham 69 78"If The Kids Are United'; 999 77"I'm Alive' & 79"Found Out'; Buzzcocks 79"Harmony in my Head'; De La Soul 89"Eye Know Limited Edition Poster Bag'; The Piranhas 80"Tom Hark '.
je suis chaud du 7" en ce moment, keep on trashos...
Comics: Kick-Ass 1-8
Toys : DC's Black Adam, Master of Ocean, Mantis.
Kicks: 09" Nike Air Safari (521); 90" New Balance 998 (522, j'ai doublé mes OG ........one of my all time favourite model)

Monday picks S 16 2010

bon, ça sent la fin de mois....

Figurines marvel: Baron Zemo 103; Machine Man 110.

Blu-Ray : Avatar ( plus pour l'image que la story (sic).

Vivement mai...

samedi 1 mai 2010

Peter Comics Addict pick s16

Ma descente bi annuelle chez Peter, un barjot like me ( sauf que lui, il fait de la place...) alors comme d'hab et pour une bouchée de pain....

Toys : DC's Justice League Cheetah, The Joker and Green lantern.
Bust : Bowen's Nick Fury.
French Comics : Conan le colosse noir & la vallée des vampires; Superman Contre Cassius Clay (neal adams rules).
Pour le reste , grosse flemme de detailler (32 albums et pas moins de 518 vo comics....)

Mme n'etait pas dans la meilleure des humeurs (rires).....

bay picks S 16

so, only pure 7" records:

Music 7: The Exploited 82" computers don't blunder'; Sham 69 79"you're a better man than i'; Sex Pistols 77" pretty vacant' & 79" c'mon everybody'; Stiff Little Fingers 79" straw dogs'; The Undertones 80" wednesday week'; The Dickies 79"nights in white satin'; UK Subs 79"tomorrow girls' & 80" party in paris'; The Stranglers 77"something better change' & 79"duchess'; Echo and the Bunnymen 82"the back of love'; Tears for Fears 82"mad world'; Ultravox 78"vienna'; New Order 88"blue monday'; The Human League 81"love action & red'; TROJAN'S Ken Boothe 74" everything i own'; Bob and Garcia 74"young gifted and black'; Desmond Dekker 70" you can get it if you really want' & 73"pickney gal'; Madness 79"uk stiff sleeve one step beyond'; The Beat 80"hands off...she's mine'; Bad Manners 80"lorraine'; Cockney Rejects 80"the greatest cockney rip-off'; Angelic Upstarts 80"last night another soldier'; 999 81"lil red riding hood'.

Punk,New Wave, Rock Steady,Ska and OI finest .....