dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Hip Hop Archive Vinyl Part 5

The Big Daddy Kane : Brooklyn encore, membre du world famous Juice Crew, ain't no half steppin quoi !!!

LP : 88"Long Live The Kane (og,usa); 89"It's A Big Daddy Thing (og,all); 90"Taste Of Chocolate (og,usa); 91"Prince Of Darkness (og,all); 93"Looks Like A Job For...(og,usa).

12" : 88"I'll Take You There (og,usa); 88"Ain't No Half Steppin (rep,usa); 88"Ain't No Half Steppin (promo,??); 90"I'ts Hard Being The Kane (og,usa); 90"Smooth Operator ( og,usa); 90"Cause I Can Do It Right (og,usa); 91"Groove With It (og,usa); 90"Raw91 (og,usa); 90"It's Hard Being The Kane Rmx (og,usa); 91"The Lover In You (og,usa); 93"How You Get A Record Deal (og,usa); 93"Very Special (og,usa); 02"The Man : The Icon(og,usa).

7" : 89"Smooth Operator (og,usa); 89"Ain't No Stoppin Us Now (og,uk).

Wish List : Daddy's Home (94"LP).

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