dimanche 19 décembre 2010

Hip Hop Archive Vinyl Part 9

Main Source : Mariage improbable entre le Queens et Toronto...but 1 er album monstrueux, des singles de folie ... Le Large Pro a son apogée...

LP : 91"Breaking Atoms (og,usa,WPR adress : 221 West 29 Street); 91"Breaking Atoms (rep,usa,WPR adress : 3482 Grand Central Station); 03"Breaks The Atom (unof,usa); 94"Fuck What You Think (og,usa).

12 : 90"Looking At The Front Door (og,usa); 91"Just Hangin'Out (og,usa); 91"Peace Is Not A Word To Play (og,usa); 92"Fakin The Funk (og,usa).

Wish List : Think/Atom (89",og,12); Watch Roger Do His Thing (90",og,12).

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