dimanche 24 avril 2011

Beastie Boys Anthology Part One : The 7"

Speciale Anthology for The Beasties : new york represent , 25 ans de pure demonstration ...trop hate de la prochaine fournée ; best band ever...

The 7" : bonus Picture Disc pic : 87"Girls"(uk,le) & 87"No Sleep till brooklyn" (uk). 86"It's the New style" (black def jam uk; white def jam demo usa; cover pic holland); 86"Brass Monkey" (black def jam usa; white def jam demo usa; pic cover holland; pic cover japan); 85"She's On It" (pic cover holland; pic cover uk; pic cover spain; pic cover badge pack 1 uk; black def jam uk); 86"You Gotta Fight For Your Right (To party)" (pic cover australia; pic cover uk; pic cover holland; black def jam usa; white def jam demo usa); 87"No Sleep Till Brooklyn"(pic cover holland; pic cover japan; pic cover usa; pic cover uk); 87"Girls"(colour poster uk; free tour patch uk); 89"Shadrach"(usa); 89"Hey Ladies"(pic cover austria); 94"Sure Shot (pic cover red vinyl uk); 94"Get It Together/Sabotage (pic cover green vinyl uk); 94"Get It Together (white vinyl juxeboxes usa); 98"Intergalactic"(juxeboxes usa); 99"Alive"(juxeboxes usa); 07"Electric Worm"(uk).

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