dimanche 26 avril 2015

Broc Picks S 15

Great Meeting With the Astonishing SoleBrotha, au Programme, 2 mini Brocs Seine & Marnaise...

Music 7" : Madness"85"Uncle Sam"(og, virgin, france); Depeche Mode"84"Blasphemous Rumours"(og, mute, france); 89"Personal Jesus"(og, mute, france); 90"Policy of Truth"(90", mute, france); Killing joke"85"Love Like Blood"(og, e'g, france).

Movies Soundtrack 7" : James Bond 007"81"For Your Eyes Only"(og, emi, france).

VHS Movies : La Planete des Singes : La collection (98", edition anniversaire, 20th century fox, france).

DVD Movies : 77"L' Exorciste II, L'Heretique"(03", wb, france).

Toys : Luke Skywalker (hoth outfit, 12"); Lando Calrissian (sandstorm outfit, 12"); Han Solo (in trench coat, 06"); Colonel Cracken (millenium falcon crew, 12"); Nien Nunb (12"); Mawhonic (podracer pilot, 12"); Princess Leia (12") all from Star Wars The Vintage Collection (expect Han Solo from Star Wars The Saga Collection") + a Bunch of Loose Figures (carnage, the thing & sw).

+ Bonus Pic : The Double Trouble in Action !

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