lundi 4 mai 2015


"Death Race 2000", "Cherry 2000" ou "2000 Maniacs", The Choice is Yours !!!

En attendant , ça fait 2000 Posts pour Me, Myself & I !!! Unbelievable !!!

Big Thanks a Mes Usuals Contributeurs ! The Astonishing GG, The EMC Family & ScottlaRock, Air Trainer Pédia, The Hook Up King Solebrotha, Damz & son THEGOODOLDDAYZ; Wath & son ATIENS+ TRAININGDIGGINGROCKING; DJ Guekin, Pete & son SHAPESANDFRIENDS, Ugly Mely, The Hariza Posse & the LMT NUMERO UNO!!!

Keep on Guys, moi, je vais Keeponer, Don't Worry !

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