samedi 27 février 2016

Bay Picks S8

Movies Only this Week !!! Comme j'aime ce Second Market !

Blu-Ray Movies : 77"Sorcerer"(15", edition ultime limitée a 3000 ex, wildside, france); 68"Night of the Living Dead"(12", digibook limited edition, splendid, germany); 76"Obsession"(11", with slipcase, arrow video, uk) + Bonus Pic : The Inner NOTLD Digibook & the Slipcase, the Booklet & the Obsession Arrow Blu !; 87"Full Metal Jacket"(07", wb, france).

DVD Movies : 68"Night of the Living Dead"(99", 30th anniversary edition, australia); 71"Straw Dogs"(04", mgm, usa).

J'ai bien fait d'attendre pour le Coffret Sorcerer ... DS au tiers du retail !

+ Extra Bonus Pic : My 2 "Sorcerer" Blu's Edition !

+ Supa Bonus Pic : My 4 "Straw Dogs" DVD's !!! Love this Fuckin Movie !

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