lundi 28 mars 2016

Bay Picks S13

Ah, la B-Diversité Visuelle ... Story of my Whole Fucking Life !!!

Music LP : Fat Boys"89"On and On"(og, polydor, germany).

Music K7 : Beastie Boys"86"Licensed to Ill"(95", polygram, poland) + Bonus Pic : The Inner Tape!

Old School French Comics : Etranges Aventures 66 (80", déja en relié).

French Comics : Secret Wars : Old Man Logan 1.

Movie Memorabilia : "Terminator" French Program (85").

Movie Poster : "Dead Zone"(83", 60x80, france); "Dark Crystal"(83", 60x80, france).

VHS Movies : 75"Death Race 2000"(91", braveworld, uk); 87"Evil Dead 2"(99", bmg, uk); 85"Day of the Dead"(98", arrox films, uk).

DVD Movies : 85"Mother's Day"(03", sony music, france); 77"Le Continent Oublié"(04", mgm, france).

Blu-Ray : 14"Godzilla 3D"(14", wb, steelbook 3d, france).

B-Life in Effect !

 + Extra Bonus Pic : Back in 83" !!! When i was just a 10 Years old Kid!
+ Supa Bonus Pic : Soyez Cléments, je débute !!! Beastie Rules !

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