samedi 16 mars 2019

Bay Picks S11

What an Humoungus Musical Bay Week !!! Que du Lourdot ...

Music Tape : Beastie Boys"86"Licensed to Ill"(OG-DEF JAM-DEF4609494-Holland).

Music LP : The Exploited"83"Let's Start a War...Said Maggie One Day"(84"Repress-Konexion-KOMA 788001-Belgium); Minor Threat"83"Minor Threat"(3rd Press 5.00$ Blue-Dischord-Dischord n 12- France); Toy Dolls"86"Idle Gossip"(OG-Volume Records-VOLP3-UK); 88"Skankin'Round the world Vol 1"(OG-Unicorn Records-PHZA-21-UK).

Music 7" : Skarface"91"4 Tracks of Pure Ska!"(OG-NOCO-CR02-France).

How Refait I am...

+ Bonus Pic : Quelle Connasse cette Maggie....

+ Extra Bonus Pic : The Number Six in Effect !!!

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