lundi 27 juillet 2020

Broc Picks S30 : Merville-Franceville in Effect !!!

Badaboum.......... Enfin une REEL Broc sans Flottaison... et on peut dire que j'en ai bien Profité !!! A.W.O.L Rules !!!

LP"s : Madness"80"Absolutely"(OG-Sire/WEA-XSR 6094-Canada); Simple Minds"79"Real to Real Cacophony"(OG-Arista-201 150-Europe); Jimmy Pursey"80"Imagination Camouflage"(OG-Polydor-2442 180-France).

7"s : The Smiths"86"Ask"(95"Repress-WEA-YZ0004-UK); Madness"81"Shut Up"(OG-Stiff/Vogue-VG 108 101557-France); Les Porte-Mentaux"87"Elsa Fraulein"(OG-Comotion/EMI-Promo Only-2021477 PM 102-France).

CD"s : The Clash"88"The Story of the Clash Volume 1"(OG-2xCD-CBS-CBS 460244 2-Holland); Cockney Rejects"81"The Power & the Glory"(93"Repress-DOJO-DOJO CD 174-UK): The Cure"80"Seventeen Seconds"(85"Repress-Fiction-825354 2-Germany);The Police"78"Outlandos d'Amour"(??Repress-A&M-394 753 2-Germany); The Police"79"Regatta de Blanc"(??"Repress-A&M-394 792 2-Germany); 04"Trojan Battlefield"(OG-Trojan-TJCCD136-UK).

Bronze Age Comics : Raiders of the Lost Ark 3 (81").

Modern Age Comics : Machine Man 2020 2; The Mighty Avengers 19; The Unexpected 1; Invincible 14; Wildstorm Swimsuit 1; Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter 0; Green Arrow 12-14-15; Snake Plissken Chronicles 1; Marvel Swimsuit Special.

Comics Memorabilia : Skottie's Young All Nex Invaders Add...

Blu-Ray"s :74"Crime a Distance"(19"-ESC Editions-France); 78"The Big Fix"(19"-ESC Editions-France); 79"La Grande Attaque du Train d'Or"(18"-ESC Editions-France); 82"Légitime Violence"(19"-ESC Editions-France).

DVD"s : 79"Amityville : La Maison du Diable"(05"-Edition Collector-MGM-France)...

Ca valait une Family Tof cette Story !!!

Pas Faché !!!

+ Bonus Pic : Absolutely Canadian !!!

+ Extra Bonus Pic : The 95"Ask"Repress !!!

+ Supa Bonus Pic : Back in the Dayz ...Jenna !!

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