dimanche 29 novembre 2020

Bay Picks S48

Pas la Plus fournie...mais le Show Must Go On...

LP"s : Beastie Boys"20"Live at Estadio Obras-Buenos Aires-April 15th 1995-Radio Broadcast"(OG-Unofficial-Mind Control Records-Limited to 500-MIND742-Europe).

7"s : Madness"81"It Must be Love"(OG-Stiff/Inelco-BUY134-Holland).

CD"s : No Sports"90"King Ska/Stay Rude-Stay Rebel"(93"Repress-Pork Pie-EFA 04093 09-Germany).

Toys : Funko POP Max Rockatansky 509 (from Funko POP Movies Line).

Huuuum, ce Live des Beasties !!!

+ Bonus Pic : the "Side Boob" Effect !

+Extra Bonus Pic : Holland vs France !!! A Label Story...

+ Supa Bonus Pic : SiSi ...Limited to 500!!!

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