mardi 27 avril 2021

What Did I Saw S16

 Fuck la Teloche et cette Incertitude Footballistique... Vive le Cinoche et les Semaines Impaires...

73"Il Boss aka le Boss"(NEW!!!).

76"Italia a Mana Armata aka A Special Cop in Action aka Operation Jaguar"(NEW!!!).

77"Foxbat aka Operation Foxbat"(NEW!!!).

78"Death Force aka Black Samourai"(NEW!!!).

85"Naked Vengeance aka Vengeance"(NEW!!!).

87"Omega Syndrome"(NEW!!!).

88"Picasso Trigger"(NEW!!!).

98"There's Something About Mary aka Mary a Tout Prix".

10"Mother's Day".


10"The Other Guys aka Very Bad Cop".


21"Mortal Kombat"(NEW!!!).

21"The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Season 1 Episodes 5 & 6"(NEW!!!).

Encore un Bordel de Week !!! Ca risque d'etre plus calme cette Semaine...enfin, a ce niveau la...

Never Stop Visioning !!!

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