samedi 1 mai 2021

My Focus On : Part 36

 My Focus On : Angelic Upstarts 7" 78"-82" !!!

78"The Murder of Liddle Towers"(78"Re-Release-UK).

79"I'm an Upstart"(79"-UK).

79"Teenage Warning"(79"-UK).

79"Never'Ad Nothin"(79"-UK).

80"Out of Control"(80"-UK).

80"We Gotta Get Out of this Place"(80"-UK).

80"Last Night Another Soldier"(80"-UK).


81"Kids on the Street"(81"-UK).

81"I Understand"(81"-UK).

82"Never Say Die"(82"-UK).

Absolute Street Punk Toncar !!

Still Looking from 82"Woman in Disguise" & 83"Not Just a Name" + "Solidarity"..

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