mardi 31 janvier 2023

DISCOGS x Crapoulet Picks S5


Grand Merci au Sieur Crapoulet pour ce Charmant Lot de OI !!! So DOPE ...

LP"s : The 4-Skins"83"A Fistful .....of 4Skins"(21"Repress- Limited to 500- White Vinyl- Radiation Reissues- RRS27CV- Italy)-  Blitz"82"Voice of a Generation"(21"Repress- Limited to 500- Green Vinyl- Radiation Reissues- RRS32CV- Italy)- The Business"97"The Truth, The Whle Truth and Nothing but the Truth"(19"Repress- Burning Heart Records- BHR/HWGA021- Sweden).

7"s : The Old Firm Casuals"18"Eternal City"(OG- Flexi- Pirate Press Records- USA).

Sop Dope, je vous Dis !

+ Bonus Pic : Hype Stickers Way of Life !!!

+ Extra Bonus Pic : Sisi ... Crapoulet Records !!!

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