dimanche 2 mai 2010

bay picks S 17

Back to serious business :

Music 7 : Anti Pasti 81"Let Them Free'; Vice Squad 82"Out of reach' & 84"Teenage Rampage'; Dead Kennedys 80"Kill the Poor'; Black Flag 81"Six Pack'; The Lurkers 78"I Don't Need To Tell Her'; Sham 69 78"If The Kids Are United'; 999 77"I'm Alive' & 79"Found Out'; Buzzcocks 79"Harmony in my Head'; De La Soul 89"Eye Know Limited Edition Poster Bag'; The Piranhas 80"Tom Hark '.
je suis chaud du 7" en ce moment, keep on trashos...
Comics: Kick-Ass 1-8
Toys : DC's Black Adam, Master of Ocean, Mantis.
Kicks: 09" Nike Air Safari (521); 90" New Balance 998 (522, j'ai doublé mes OG ........one of my all time favourite model)

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