dimanche 30 mai 2010

bay picks S 20

Sorry for the delay....semaine de pure contentation at my home:

Music 7" : The Smiths 84"Hand in Glove', 87"Girlfriend in a Coma', 86"Bigmouth Strikes Again', 85"How Soon is Now' & 85"What she Said Live NME'; The Lurkers 79"New Guitar in Town'; The Revillos 80"Scuba Scuba'; The Adverts 78"Television's Over'; Stiff Little Fingers 81"Just Fade Away' & 81"Silver Lining'; The Skids 79"Working For The Yankee Dollar'; Sex Pistols 79"Who Killed Bambi'; The Jam 81"Funeral Pyre'; XTC 80"Generals and Majors; Gang Of Four 79"At Home He's a Tourist'; Angelic Upstarts 79"I'm an Upstart'; King Kurt 84"Banana Banana'; Sham 69 80"Tell The Children'; Beastie Boys 86" Brass Monkey Japan Pressing'.
Books : Supreme Rizzoli; The Breaks (Stylin & Profilin 1982-1990); Record Collector Price Guide 2004; Made For Skate.
French Comics : Superman 1943-1944; Superman Geant 11 (completed).
Kicks : 92" Nike Air Huarache Trainer '(524); 05" Nike Air Force Mid (525); 10" Nike Air Trainer SC 2010 (526); 03" New Balance M996 (527).

Quand ça béton, ça béton...

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