samedi 9 juillet 2011

Bay Picks S 26

Une bay week only musicale...

Music 7": Cockney rejects 80"We Are The Firm"; Undertones 81"It's Going To Happen"; The Stranglers 79"Don't Bring Harry EP"; Total Noise 82"Total Noise 1"; Skids 78"Sweet Suburbia"; Crass 83"Sheep Farming In The Falklands"; Angelic Upstarts 80"England"; 999 78"Homicide" & 81"Indian Reservation"; Bodysnatchers 80"Lets Do Rock Steady"; Selecter 79"On My Radio".

Music Tape : K.M.D 91"Mr Hood.

Music LP : Dag Nasty 87"Wig Out At Denkos"; Gorilla Biscuit 89"Start Today".

Punk, Post-Punk, New-Wave, Oi, Hardcore, Staight Edge, Ska, Rap.......... Je suis a fond dans la variet , ces temps ci...

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