dimanche 31 juillet 2011

Hip Hop Vinyl Archive Part 19

5 Percenter From NY ... Conscious Rap Finest... Sadat X , Grand Puba...Ouchhhhhhhhh...
LP : 90"One For All"(og,all); 04"One For All"(rep,2Lp,usa); 92"In God We Trust"(og,usa); 94"Everything Is Everything"(og,usa); 98"Foundation"(og,usa); 04"Fire In The Hole"(og,usa,red vinyl lim edition).

12" : ??"Brand Nubian"(rep,all); 90"All For One"(og,eu); 90"Wake Up"(og,eu); 91"Slow Down"(og,eu); 92"Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down"(og,usa); 93"Love Me Or Leave Me Alone"(rep,all); 93"Allah U Akbar"(rep,all); 94"Word Is Bond"(og,usa); 03"Walking On A Cloud"(og,usa).

Wish List : og 12"Brand Nubian, Love Me Or Leave Me Alone, Allah U Akbar & 94"12 Hold On".

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