vendredi 17 mars 2023

A Year in Review Part 67 : "Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man" in "1976-1977"


Spider-Man 2nd Effort !!! Sal Buscema Rules...  Back in 76" !

Tarentula- Flash Thompson- Mary Jane Watson- Kraven the Hunter- The Mastermind- The Vulture- The Hitman- Morbius- The Human Torch- Glory Grant- The White Tiger- The Inhumans- Brother Power- Sister Sun- Razorback and the Hate Monger !!!

Gerry Conway- Sal Buscema- Mike Esposito- John Romita- Al Milgrom- Franck Giacoia- Jim Shooter- Archie Goodwin- Dave Cockrum- Jim Mooney- Ross Andru- George Perez- Chris Claremont- Bill Mantlo- Joe Sinott & Paul Gulacy !!!

Dream TEAM x So Good Memories !!!!

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