vendredi 24 mars 2023

A Year in Review Part 68 : "Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man" in "1978"

Still "Spectacular" even in 1978 !!!

Razorback- The Hate Monger- The Man-Beast- Brother Power- Sister Sun- The Beetle- Angel- Iceman- Rampage- The Enforcers- Lightmaster- White Tiger- The Scorpion- Moon Knight- The Maggia- The Cyclone- The Hypno Hustler- Tri Man & The Masked Marauder...

Bill Mantlo- Sal Buscema- Mike Esposito- Ernie Chan- Elliot Maggin- Marie Severin- John Byrne- Gil Kane- Jim Mooney- Keith Pollard- Terry Austin- Mike Zeck- Dave Cockrum & Franck Springer !!!

Bordel de Rien que ça !!!

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